Mechanical Restorations

Mechanical Restorations

Our most favourite part of our job is to help people restore their cars to its former glory.

There’s something satisfying about building a car from the wheel bearings up. Seeing the look on the owners face when they are able to get behind the wheel and enjoy their car again is priceless.

BDC treat your car like it was our own. We offer full mechanical restorations, engine overhauls, engine modifications and conversions. So if you just want a brake overhaul or a complete mechanical resto no job is too big or small.

Services in a full mechanical restoration can include:

  • Brakes
  • Overhaul callipers
  • Replace rotors/drums
  • Replace brake lines
  • Overhaul/replace master cylinder
  • Replace wheel cylinders/shoes/pads
  • Repack and grease wheel bearings


  • Replace shocks
  • Replace shackle rubbers
  • Replace all suspension bushes
  • Replace ball joints


  • Replace tie rod ends
  • Overhaul steering box
  • Drag links
  • Fuel system
  • Overhaul carburettor
  • Repair/replace fuel pump
  • Replace filters
  • Flush fuel lines

Drive Train

  • Repair diff (if needed)
  • Replace rear wheel bearings
  • Over haul crown wheel end pinion (if needed)
  • Replace universal joints
  • Overhaul transmission/gear box (if needed)
  • Engine reconditioning

Services in the above list will only be performed if it’s required or requested by customer. Give BDC Mobile Mechanical Repairs a Call to discuss your mechanical restoration in detail and we’ll get you back behind the wheel in no time.