Century Batteries

Century Batteries

Century Batteries is Australia’s oldest and most recognised battery manufacturer with a proud heritage spanning two centuries. Our story began in 1928 with the Century brand – a household name with Australia’s and New Zealand’s motoring public.

We have been at the forefront of battery manufacturing and design for over 85 years. Our reputation for quality and innovation has been refined and demonstrated over many decades.

We are an affiliate of the world-renowned GS Yuasa Corporation, one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers with affiliates in 19 countries.

Today we continue to lead the industry in the development, manufacture and supply of stored energy solutions across Australia and New Zealand.

Take time to share our journey:


The first Century factory was established in Alexandria, Sydney, to produce both battery components and finished batteries for the Sydney market.


Century expanded into Victoria and our parent company was listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange.
The company commenced supplying original equipment (OE) batteries to Chrysler. Further expansions took the company to Queensland and South Australia.


A Century manufacturing plant was established in Melbourne and there was further expansion into Western Australia.
Century became the first company to introduce polypropylene battery assembly in Australia.


A Century manufacturing plant was established at Wacol in Queensland. Century helped set up a battery factory in Indonesia with a minor shareholding interest.

At the end of the 1970s, Century was taken over by Repco Limited.

As a sign of changing times, Century's hard-rubber container manufacturing plant was closed.


The '80s was a time of solid market share growth for Century. Century added another manufacturing facility to the existing two in Australia.

Century established an industrial battery division.

International partnerships were forged after Century signed a technical agreement with Japan Storage Battery Company. Century was contracted to supply Ford, General Motors, Nissan and Toyota.

The Australian aftermarket distribution network grew following the introduction of the ‘Agency Concept’.

With the mid-80s came the rationalisation of the Alexandria and Footscray plants and the sale of the Century factory in Malaysia.

Carole Park central manufacturing facility was established.

The end of the decade saw joint venture partners Yuasa Batteries Co Ltd of Japan and PT Sapta Panji Manggala of Indonesia take an equity share in the business. Each company injected even greater technical knowledge and resources.

Established in 1910, Yuasa Batteries Co. Ltd has become a global benchmark for lead acid battery design and quality.

Century became Century Yuasa Batteries Pty Ltd.


In the ‘90s, Century Yuasa focused on refining battery technology and quality assurance.

Century Yuasa achieved ISO 9000 and QS 9000 accreditations for the Carole Park facility.

Century Batteries market share grew steadily during this period, a testament to our Australia-wide distribution network and our full-service offer for trade customers.

In the mid ‘90s, Century Yuasa established a battery manufacturing plant in Auckland to give the Century brand a presence in New Zealand.


Sales grew after Century Yuasa introduced large national aftermarket retail sales networks.

Century Yuasa implemented major upgrades to the Carole Park manufacturing facilities, including the addition of the latest in automated strip-mill and expander-line equipment.

Century Yuasa made substantial product improvements by introducing new battery technologies, creating batteries better suited to Australia’s harsh conditions.

The ground-breaking ‘Performance Series’ was launched featuring internal improvements and new alloy technologies.

The Yuasa Corporation merged with Japan Storage Battery Company (GS) to form GS Yuasa, one of the largest lead-acid battery companies in the world.


Century Yuasa’s vision is to be 'the first choice in stored energy solutions'.

Century Yuasa launched the revolutionary SmartDrive™ technology, designed to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions in vehicles fitted with Regulated Charge Control (RCC) systems.

To complement the new SmartDrive™ technology, Century Yuasa redesigned its battery range and introduced the Flat Top series.

Century Batteries

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